Young Heritage Detectives CBC report

Young Heritage Detectives CBC reportScreen Shot 2013-08-15 at 11.41.08

This study aimed to investigate the impact of a specific activity, The Young Heritage Detectives project, co- ordinated by The Children’s Society, Rochdale with a group of disadvantaged young people within the UK North West region. The ESRC CBC voucher allowed The Children’s Society researcher to follow up a year after the initial Young Heritage Detectives (YHD) project had been completed, with a group of 12, young refugees and asylum seekers in the Rochdale area of Lancashire. 

TUC Swords of Justice and Civic Pillars

TUC Swords of justice and civic pillars TUC Swords of justice and civic pillars

The report examines five case studies where unions have developed community networks to organise vulnerable workers, encourage activism, improve access to learning and employment support, strengthen social cohesion and generally promote the benefits of trade unionism. These cases are analysed to assess the advantages and ingredients of successful community engagement.